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How To Check Fuliza Balance & Limit Easily and Fast

Fuliza is a platform where you hand-in-hand mpesa. This account is enough to help the popular African software company Safaricom customers to make their M-Pesa transactions. People who have already installed this application and transact money through it already want to know how to check balance and what is the transaction limit.

So those of you who want to use Fuliza for emergency work can read this article to get detailed information about the rules for checking your balance and the maximum amount you can withdraw per day. Just think of it as trusting you with little at first and then allowing you access more when you are satisfied with your commitment. Before you go ahead to use the Fuliza service, it is important you go ahead to know your limit.

How To Check Your Fuliza Limit?

Since you want to transact money using the Fuliza app, you must know how to check your balance. In this part of the discussion we are going to tell you about how much money you can transact daily. So please try to follow the instructions below.

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  • First go to the dial option on your mobile and dial *234#.
  • You must press 0 from there several interfaces will appear in front of you.
  • After 1 press you will be shown your account limit.
  • The Limit to which you can borrow from the Fuliza Platform.

How to Check Fuliza Balance?

After checking the limit, you must check your balance so that you can know about the amount of money deposited in your account. But the sad thing is that many people are not aware of how to check their balance using Fuliza app. In order to inform them we have specially shared some information here which will help them to find out the information.

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  • First Dial *234# from your mobile phone.
  • Press 0 to check balance.
  • Enter 1 to check your limit.
  • As soon as you set the limit, you will see your balance support.

We hope that based on the information given above, you can easily know about Fuliza Balance and Limit. We are always there to give you this information. If you want to know anything about this information, you can ask your question in the comment box below. We will try to help you in a short time and answer your questions.

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