Laptop Price 2023 Bangladesh

Nowadays a laptop is a necessary device for every person. Which is generally used by every person more or less. However, even if not everyone uses a laptop nowadays, everyone needs a laptop. Due to which everyone especially laptop is very necessary thing.

Many people buy laptops for education or other work. There are many people who buy different laptops without knowing it. Many types of problems can be noticed without using it for a long time.

People who buy laptops because they have no idea about laptops. They cannot use all those laptops for long. Because they buy laptops without knowing about them. When we go to buy a laptop. At that time we should notice many things. For example, you should pay more attention to the battery of the laptop.

Because even if the other parts of the laptop are running properly, the battery cannot control the laptop properly. Many people can’t use the laptop properly if the battery is not charged for a long time. So it is necessary for every person to understand how important a laptop battery is.

So today we are going to reveal in this article about several laptops. I will give you an idea about several laptops that you can take for any work. Many people use laptops for studying. Moreover, there are many people who currently buy laptops online for various trainings or blogging.

But which people need which laptops? We will give you a good idea about this. If you buy a laptop according to that idea. In that case, I think you can use the laptops for a long time without any problem. So those of you who are currently thinking of buying a laptop. They can know by reading this complete article of ours carefully. Which laptops will be good for you?

Laptop Price:

HP ProBook 11 EE G2 M3 7th Gen Notebook This laptop is a good quality laptop from HP company. But only those of you who are looking for a laptop for education. A laptop that has good battery backup. And without any problem if you want to run internet through this laptop. In that case there will be no problem.

But if you are going to use this hp probook for various online work or want to use it for blogging. In that case, many problems can arise. So you can only use this laptop for studying. According to the current market price, the price of this laptop is Tk 22,500.

Also a standard laptop of Lenovo company is Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Yoga Core i7 7th Gen Laptop with Pen. if you want You can use this Lenovo laptop for studying or other purposes.

For example, you need a laptop for different classes or college universities for different reasons. You can meet the needs using this affordable laptop from lenovo company. This lenovo company laptop is better than other normal laptops. Battery backup and other facilities are good so you will feel comfortable using this laptop.

However, the current market price of this laptop is Rs 41,000. You can visit any laptop store or lenovo company showroom and buy the laptop at this fair price. But those of you who are currently involved in freelancing or various blogging. They need a best laptop with which you can do your required work properly. So if you want to get a good quality laptop then you need Apple MacBook Air this laptop.

Learn more about the laptop.

13.3-Inch Retina Display 8-core Apple M1 chip with 8GB RAM, 256GB SSD (MGN63) Space Gray

Price 122,000 Tk.

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