Modhuroad to Chittagong Train Schedule & Ticket Price

Train is one of the means of transportation in Bangladesh. Trains are a comfortable means of travel, where you reach your destination very easily without any fatigue or hassle.

When it comes to transportation, everyone needs a comfortable journey. And people look for all those comfortable vehicles. Trains are known as very important vehicles within it.

It is very easy to travel through train. That is why train is the comfortable mode of transportation that people love to travel through. So if you want to go from Madhuroad to Chittagong then train is a good mode for you.

So today we will talk about train fare and schedule. If you don’t know that information then this information is very important for you.

If you want to know the fare and schedule of Madhuroad to Chittagong train then read the following articles completely.

Madhuroad to Chittagong Train Schedule

Madhuroad to Chittagong is one of the intercity trains that are constantly running. Inter-city trains are constantly running in almost every district in Bangladesh. By this, the harassment of common people is reduced and common people can easily buy tickets for those trains at a very cheap price.

Just like that, all these trains are constantly running on Madhuroad to Chittagong. Bangladesh Railway office is handling the letters. Traveling through trains makes the journey of common people easier. People are traveling by train without any accident. Trains are safe vehicles so traveling by trains is very important for all people.

So I will discuss when these trains run at what time. Train journey is best for those of you who want to go to Chittagong from Madhu Road. So Madhu Road to Chittagong train schedule is discussed in detail read the complete text and check the time and ticket price related to your tension.

  • Meghna Express (730)
  • Time to leave Madhupur
  • Time to reach Chittagong

Madhuroad to Chittagong Ticket Price

Almost every day many people are traveling through Madhuroad to Chittagong train. As a result of traveling by train, common people spend much less money compared to the rest of the vehicles. And this economic benefit has been given by the Bangladesh Railway Office.

So those of you who want to go from Madhuroad to Chittagong at low cost can go by train. This will make the ticket price much cheaper. So this post is very important for those of you who want to go from Madhuroad to Chittagong by train. Now I will tell you about the fare from Madhu Road to Chittagong.


The actual number of trains running daily from Madhupur to Chittagong Meghna Express is many and varied. Like AC, Non AC, Shobhan, Shobhan Chair, Soft and many other categories, whose ticket prices are almost the same one by one. So you choose your original according to your interests. The following list mentions the seat and ticket prices. Know the details completely.

All the information mentioned here has been collected from Bangladesh Railway Authority website for the convenience of common people. This post has been made so that the common people do not suffer in any way. By reading the post, you may find the train related information very easy, which will make your train journey easier and more beautiful.

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