Sylhet to Comilla Train Schedule & Ticket Price

Today’s train is better than a modern vehicle. And all these best vehicles or trains have been running continuously in every route in Bangladesh for the smooth transportation of common people. More or less trains ply every route from Sylhet to Bangladesh. Sylhet to Comilla inter-city and mail express trains are running along with it. Through which the people of Erut have got many opportunities to travel to different parts.

People do not have to face any kind of suffering in this region to go from Sylhet to Comilla. Because the trains of this route have got many benefits as a result of travel. Moreover, nowadays trains provide many facilities. Due to all these facilities, the human journey is becoming more fascinating.

Now people are traveling very comfortably due to train travel. And because of the standard and speedy engine, there is no delay in reaching the destination. So train is playing an important role for common people to travel. So those of you who are thinking of traveling by train from Sylhet to Comilla. This article is very important for them. Because I am going to publish airtically about Sylhet to Comilla train schedule and ticket fare list.

Moreover, in this article, you will find some tips that will be very useful for traveling by trains all over Bangladesh. So read our complete articles to know the facts. From which you can easily understand. All about what you need to do to get to Comilla from Sylhet by train.

Sylhet to Comilla Train Schedule:


The intercity trains that are running from Sylhet to Comilla. These trains are two very famous trains of Bangladesh. The two intercity trains that run from Sylhet to Comilla are Udayan Express (724) and Paharika Express (720). These two trains are running on this route with very modern and standard systems. Below is the schedule of these trains.


Train Name: Udayan Express (724)
Departure from Sylhet: 21:40
Arrive Comilla at :03:07
Holiday: Sunday

Train Name: Paharika Express (720)
Departure from Sylhet: 10:15
Comilla reach :16:32 time
Holiday: Saturday

These two intercity trains ply on this route since long. Due to which the train passengers of this route do not have to face any difficulty. Don’t even get confused about time.

Because the time is mentioned here. These two trains travel according to this time. Because these times have been officially determined by Bangladesh Railway. So no time is wasted. These trains are running on time.

So those of you who want to go from Sylhet to Comilla through these trains. For them these trains are a very good medium. Through which you can easily go from Sylhet to Comilla. And you need to know about these times. It is necessary to know well which train departs at what time. You will not get the train at the station if the Allah time passes. So be present at the station in time.

Sylhet to Comilla Train Ticket Fare List:

You don’t have to pay much fare to travel from Sylhet to Comilla train because Bangladesh Railway office has fixed low fare on every route in Bangladesh. Due to which people do not have to face any difficulty in traveling by train.

You can travel by train at a very low cost compared to other modes of transportation. You have to pay a minimum to maximum fare of Tk 145-587 to go from Sylhet to Comilla. Much less compared to Jaba Ki vehicles.


But there are many categories in trains. Each cabin seat fare is different. So you buy the seat ticket according to your affordability or your choice. From the station ticket counter. Must collect the ticket from the station ticket counter so that you don’t have to face any difficulty in the train journey.


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